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Lori Frantzve

CEO, E3Tek

Michael Fraser MSc CS

CEO and Chief Architect, Refactr

John Fuisz

Co-Founder, Veriphix Inc.

Helio Fred Garcia

President, Logos Consulting Group

Andrew Garrett

Chief Executive Officer, Garrett Discovery

Eri Gentry

Co-Founder, Negative

Alex Gorsuch

CTO, Ascent Integrated Technology

Beni Gradwohl, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CEO, Cognovi Labs

David Hamilton

Founder & Chairman, America's Future Series

Corinne Hancock

Chaos Coach, MPL

Rob Handfield

Executive Director, Supply Chain Resource Cooperative - NC State University

Jonathan Hard

Chief Executive Officer, H2L Solutions, Inc.

Dave Harden

Founder, The Outpost

Dan Hart

President & CEO, Virgin Orbit

Shawn Henry

Chief Security Officer, CrowdStrike

JC Herz

Chief Operating Officer, Ion Channel

Daniel Hulter

Tech Sergeant, United States Air Force

Brad Hunstable

CEO & Co-Founder, Linear Labs, Inc.

Hannah Hunt

Chief of Staff, USAF Kessel Run

Bryan Ingram

President, Meta Alliance Group

Tito Jankowski

Co-Founder, Negative

Stephanie L. Jaros

Director of Research, DoD Counter-Insider Threat Program, Defense Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC)

Eric Jenkusky

Launch CEO & Co-Founder, Matrix Meats

Emily Jerger

Senior Project Engineer, MxD

Capt. Michael Kanaan USAF

Director of Operations, USAF / MIT Artificial Intelligence Accelerator