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25 August 2020, 10:00 PM

U.S. Pig Industry Bioterrorism Threats: How Telemedicine and AI Help Prevent Disaster

A talk by Chris Bomgaars
Founder & CEO, EveryPig

Speaker expertise

Founder, CEO EveryPig, Inc. Our mission is to serve animals, producers, and consumers by improving animal health and increasing transparency in the food chain. In service of this mission, we’re looking to do all that we can to help modernize the swine production industry through the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our hope is that, if we can help the industry get ahead of potential health risks, we can improve the food supply for millions of people worldwide—all that and lighten the workloads of pig producers and veterinarians alike. As data collection within the pig production industry makes the world feel a little smaller, we hope that EveryPig can be an engine used to foster collaboration and communication across an industry with a global footprint (or hoofprint). In short, when we all work together, we build a happier, healthier industry—we want EveryPig to be a part of that progress.

Pork accounts for more than one-third of meat produced worldwide and is an important component of global food security, agricultural economies, and trade. Infectious diseases are among the primary constraints to swine production, and the globalization of the swine industry has contributed to the emergence and spread of pathogens.

Digitizing pig health and treatment records is necessary to recognize and respond to disease outbreaks fast enough to make a difference. With the help of Telemedicine platforms like EveryPig, we can bridge the gap between countries for the benefit of animals and humans.

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