Chris Bomgaars

Founder & CEO, EveryPig Founder, CEO EveryPig, Inc. Our mission is to serve animals, producers, and consumers by improving animal health and increasing transparency in the food chain. In service of this mission, we’re looking to do all that we can to help modernize the swine production industry through the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our hope is that, if we can help the industry get ahead of potential health risks, we can improve the food supply for millions of people worldwide—all that and lighten the workloads of pig producers and veterinarians alike. As data collection within the pig production industry makes the world feel a little smaller, we hope that EveryPig can be an engine used to foster collaboration and communication across an industry with a global footprint (or hoofprint). In short, when we all work together, we build a happier, healthier industry—we want EveryPig to be a part of that progress.

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Chris grew up in Orange City, Iowa. In 2008, he saw an opportunity to join the family pork production business. As he began to buy and raise feeder pigs, he saw the writing on the wall; it was time to go big or go out of business. The venture was a success and scaled from about 30 farms to over 350 farms and started raising over 1.5 million pigs per year (2018). As the company grew, so did the problems—from spiking death loss to sinking caregiver morale. In search of an answer to his company’s issues, Chris searched for a market solution, but none existed. That’s when EveryPig was born, a first-of-its-kind pig health and production management platform.

“We started EveryPig because we saw an incredible opportunity to bring technology to pork producers while increasing transparency in the swine industry. To that end, we’re always striving.” —Chris Bomgaars

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U.S. Pig Industry Bioterrorism Threats: How Telemedicine and AI Help Prevent Disaster

25 August 2020, 10:00 PM
Chris Bomgaars