Alex Gorsuch

Engineering Lean Warfighter-Focused Innovation

A Talk by Alex Gorsuch (CTO, Ascent Integrated Technology)

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About this Talk

I've harnessed my skillset of lean, stakeholder-focused innovation to build hundreds of products spanning nearly every industry but concentrating on AgTech, Defense, and MedTech. In this talk, I'll discuss the 3 pillars of engineering and business development for startups in the defense industry- leanness, understanding the warfighter, and focusing on innovation. We'll talk about pruning feature trees, finding the core benefit your stakeholders care about, building what the warfighter needs (instead of what your engineering team wants to build), and how to seek disruptive innovation. In this industry and geopolitical climate especially, these principles are more important than ever- innovation is what augments our warfighters and enables freedom and prosperity.

25 August 2020, 11:00 PM

11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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Alex Gorsuch

Alex Gorsuch

CTO, Ascent Integrated Technology

Multidisciplinary Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor for AgTech, DefenseTech, MedTech