Robert Neller

Accepting Personal Responsibility in the Face of Adversity

A Talk by General Robert Neller USMC (Ret.) (Prior Commandant, US Marine Corps)

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COVID-19 is a defense issue. Many of our innovators and military service members will appreciate a talk on leadership and personal ownership of problems that seem intractable. Having people take ownership of themselves in order to protect the larger society is now a critical defense issue. In three weeks’ time, if not earlier, the US will be the most vulnerable to a cyber or other attack since our WWII days. HHS was attacked recently. Minimizing time in that vulnerability window is a national defense issue and due to the makeup of our Nation, force posture and current government policy, empowering individuals (especially service members, even if stuck in garrison / at home) to take ownership of a societal problem is the only solution to mitigate that risk. If we must avoid large groups, USMC teaches small unit leadership principles. What can we achieve in fire team sized elements?

31 March 2020, 04:00 PM

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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Robert Neller

General Robert Neller USMC (Ret.)

Prior Commandant, US Marine Corps