Toni Scribner

Director of Learning Sciences and Technology Studio, USAF Squadron Officer School

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Toni Hawkins-Scribner is serving The Air University, Squadron Officer School, as the Director of Learning Sciences and Technology Studio (LSAT). The LSAT team consults and advises program leadership and faculty in designing, developing, and implementing learning strategies and emerging educational technologies into Air Force education and professional military education programs.

Toni began her education career in medical education and training programs supporting global U.S. Air Force (AF) medical teams. Over the years, she transitioned into several other education and training domains to include liaison and program manager for Air Force medical degree programs, teaching and developing curriculum for DoD / Air Force medical leadership and Air Force professional military education programs, and leading, forming, and serving on an university level innovation team to support learning and technology integrations. She is a retired Air Force veteran and a doctoral candidate at Vanderbilt University. Research interests include learning environments, learner identity, immersive learning, and learning theory.

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Using Extended Reality (xR) — Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) for Officer PME

13 March 2020, 07:30 PM
Brad Aldridge Jason Trew Toni Scribner