Dr. Piers Nash

CEO, Sympatic

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As Founder and CEO of Sympatic, Piers Nash, MBA, PhD, is dedicated to developing cloud technology that promotes data liquidity while protecting data ownership and privacy. A cancer researcher with 20 years of academic experience, Piers joined the faculty at The University of Chicago in 2004. He authored over 50 academic publications before moving on from research to focus on enterprise-level business strategy and pursue an MBA at The Booth School of Business. Piers spent 2 years with the Center for Data Intensive Science where they developed the first of its kind national Genomic Data Commons to democratize access and speed discovery. Today the Genomic Data Commons continues to expand, holding some 15 PB of data on over 15,000 patients. As part of the Cancer Moonshot Initiative, this serves thousands of research projects around the globe as they seek new and better cures and paves the way for a better future of analytics-informed optimal treatment for all.

Dr. Nash brings his experience with petabyte scale genomic, health and environmental data along with skill developing partners across the broad public-private ecosystem dedicated to advancing big data discovery and transforming the future of data-driven research.

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Caging Your Data: The future of privacy in data processing

22 August 2020, 08:00 PM
Piers Nash