Kevin Kane

Co-Founder & CEO, AMBIT, INC. CEO of AMBIT, INC., post quantum networking company. Our first product on the market and currently in the Android and iOS App stores is

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I grew up in relative poverty and raised by Legos and science fiction fantasies; as an elementary school student I dreamed of becoming an Astronaut on a one way trip to a new civilization: a drive for big dreams that moves me even today.

I co-founded, and am CEO of, AMBIT, INC, a Post-Quantum Networking Company. I previously founded Claro Automata, LLC, a semantic analysis AI company, and co-founded Jumpgate Technologies, a machine learning driven systematic equity L/S hedge fund.

I am a U.S. Army veteran with an advanced degree in International Relations Theory. I have academic citations in books and journals on energy economics, geopolitics, and International Relations Theory (IR) with a personal focus on identity formation with information warfare, democratic transitions, structural realism, and Northeast Asia.

I served internships in the company of US President Carter via the Carter Center, Thomas McLarty and Henry Kissinger at the then Kissinger-McLarty Associates, Paik Haksoon at Sejong Institute, and a number of other interesting people.

I possess a B.A. in Political Science from Georgia State University and an M.A. in International Studies (IR Theory) from Seoul National University. I am self-taught with everything else.

My hobbies include love poetry, amateur philosophical and futurism creative writing, and gunsmithing AR-platform rifles. My personal website is

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