Cmdr. Brian Rivera USN

Chief Executive Officer, AGLX Consulting

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Brian “Ponch” Rivera is the co-creator of The Flow System™, founder and CEO of AGLX Consulting, a former F-14 instructor and demonstration team member and current Commander in the Navy Reserve. He is a Cynefin Foundations Trainer and often co-leads complexity workshops with the co-creator of the Cynefin framework, Dave Snowden. “Ponch” has worked with the co-creator of the Scrum framework, Jeff Sutherland, and the co-creator of Lean Kanban University, and has led several high-profile digital transformations. He often speaks at global Agile, Scrum and Performance conferences on the topics of High-Reliability, Leadership, Teamwork, and Complex Adaptive Systems.

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Design For Flow

14 March 2020, 12:00 PM
Brian Rivera