Dr. Aleks Nesic PhD

Human Domain Instructor (ARSOF) / COIN Instructor (NATO) / North Africa Studies Faculty (FSI), U.S. Army / NATO / Dept. of State

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Dr. Aleks Nesic is a Founding Member and a Senior Researcher at Valka-Mir Human Security, LLC, and a visiting professor at the Joint Special Operations University where she develops and teaches advanced Counter Terrorism, Countering Violent Extremism courses to mid- and senior-level military officers, ministry of defense officials, and other SOF officials. Dr. Nesic also works with the US Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School, where she develops and teaches advanced Human Domain Analysis courses to Army Special Operations officers in EUCOM and CENTROM AOR. Dr. Nesic holds a PhD in International Conflict Analysis, with specialization in Psychology of Warfare and Violence; two Master’s degrees in International Communication and Education; and Humanitarian and Human Rights Law, and a Bachelor degree of Science in Psychology. Dr. Nesic has a number of publications, and is a regular contributor to the US Army Mad Scientist Initiative.

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Combating Enemy Propaganda

14 March 2020, 02:00 PM
Arnel David John Fuisz Aleks Nesic